FBI and CISA Reveals: ‘Royal’ Ransomware Group Targeted 350 Victims for $275 Million

In a joint advisory, the FBI and CISA have revealed a network breach conducted by the ‘Royal ransomware gang’ that has targeted nearly 350 organizations globally since 2022. 

Giving further details of the original advisory published in March, in the information acquired during the FBI investigation, the agencies noted that the ransomware campaign was connected to ransom demands totalling more than $275 million.

“Since September 2022, Royal has targeted over 350 known victims worldwide and ransomware demands have exceeded 275 million USD,” the advisory reads.

“Royal conducts data exfiltration and extortion prior to encryption and then publishes victim data to a leak site if a ransom is not paid. Phishing emails are among the most successful vectors for initial access by Royal threat actors.”

In March, the two agencies shared their initial indicators of an apparent compromise, along with a list of tactics, methods, and procedures (TTPs), in order to assist defenders in identifying and thwarting attempts to deploy Royal ransomware payloads onto their networks.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) security team discovered in December 2022 that the ransomware operation was responsible for several attacks against U.S. healthcare organizations. This led to the release of the joint advisory.

Royal to BlackSuit

The advisory update also states that BlackSuit ransomware shares several coding traits with Royal, suggesting that Royal may be planning a rebranding campaign and/or a spinoff variation.

While it was anticipated that the Royal ransomware operation would rebrand in May, during the course of the BlackSuit ransomware operation, the rebranding never happened. 

According to a report published by BleepingCompter in June, the Royal ransomware gang was apparently testing a new BlackSuit encryptor, similar to the operation’s conventional encryptor. 

At the time, Partner and Head of Research and Development at RedSense – Yelisey Bohuslavskiy believed that this experiment did not in fact go well.

However, since then, Royal was able to rebrand into BlackSuit and restructure into a more centralized business, following the same blueprint as Team 2 (Conti2) when they were a member of the Conti syndicate.

“In September 2023, Royal accomplished a full rebrand into BlackSuit, most likely entirely dismantling their Royal infrastructure. Moreover, according to the primary source intel, Royal has also accomplished a broader reorganization during the rebrand, making the group structure more corporate and more similar to their Conti2 origins,” said Yelisey Bohuslavskiy.

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