Tenable Cyber Watch: U.S. Urges Space Industry to Stay Vigilant, Cyber Jobs Get Tougher, and more

This week’s edition of Tenable Cyber Watch unpacks safeguarding the US space industry and addresses why many cyber pros feel their jobs have gotten more difficult. Also covered: Three quantum-resistant algorithms that can protect data from quantum computer attacks.

Why is the U.S. government urging the space industry to tighten up its cybersecurity? Why are many cyber pros unhappy in their jobs? When does NIST expect quantum-proof algorithms to be ready? 

We’ve got you covered in this week’s edition of the Tenable Cyber Watch, our weekly video news digest highlighting three cybersecurity topics that matter right now. 

Here’s what’s happening in cyber. Today, we’re talking: 

  • All about safeguarding the U.S. space industry. Why the U.S. is urging space companies to stay vigilant. 
  • Why many cybersecurity professionals say their jobs are getting tougher 
  • A look at quantum-resistant algorithms. When NIST says they could be ready. 

Every Monday at 9am ET, the Tenable Cyber Watch brings you cybersecurity news you can use. Watch this week’s episode below and subscribe to our playlist on YouTube.

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