This record-low iPhone 14 Plus deal is back for Black Friday – but it won’t last long

Earlier this month, I urged shoppers to skip the iPhone 14 this Black Friday owing to its poor value for money versus the cheaper iPhone 13 or vastly superior iPhone 15. However, that advice applied (and still applies) to the 6.1-inch iPhone 14, exclusively – not the larger iPhone 14 Plus, which is also the subject of Black Friday deals this month.

Given the non-existence of an iPhone 13 Plus and the lack of box-fresh iPhone 13 Pro Max models left on the market, Apple’s 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus remains the most cost-effective way to get a big-screened iPhone in 2023, and it’s never been cheaper than it is right now.

In the US, Best Buy has dropped the price of the iPhone 14 Plus down to $779.99 (from $829.99), while Amazon in the UK has the device at £50 less than usual (£749 down from £799). Sure, those aren’t the best Black Friday iPhone deals in the world, but we don’t expect the iPhone 14 Plus to drop much further (if at all) on Black Friday proper this week. And the newer iPhone 15 Plus – which starts at $899 / £899 – almost certainly won’t enjoy any price cuts.

So, as things stand, the iPhone 15 Plus costs a whopping $120 / £150 more than the iPhone 14 Plus. And while, in our eyes, Apple’s newer 6.7-inch phone is worth the money (if you’re able to spend that much), the iPhone 14 Plus now offers better value than ever. For that new $779.99 / £749 price, you’ll get Apple’s attractive Super Retina XDR OLED display in its biggest possible form, as well as a premium-looking design and a capable set of iPhone 13 Pro camera transplants. For a time, the iPhone 14 Plus ranked as the best iPhone for battery life, too (before being usurped by the iPhone 15 Plus in September 2023).

Today’s best iPhone 14 Plus deals

iPhone 14 Plus
was $829.99 now $779.99 at Best Buy
was £799 now £749 at Amazon
Best Buy and Amazon have the larger iPhone 14 Plus available at a cut price right now. We’re less critical of this phone (versus the standard iPhone 14) given its mightily impressive battery credentials and gorgeous, Pro Max-sized screen, and there’s also no iPhone 13 Plus to directly compare it to. You’ll get the Dynamic Island and a 48MP camera from the more expensive iPhone 15 Plus, but if you can forgo those features, then the iPhone 14 Plus for $779.99 / £749 is a strong Black Friday deal.View Deal

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